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Tidus: Unlock the power of a multi-chain world

Peer-to-peer interactions across multiple decentralized ecosystems? Bring on the future of crypto.

Multi-chain + Multi-layer

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The first educational, fully decentralized, multi-chain wallet to hit the cryptoverse

Tidal Wallet allows you to confidently access DeFi and the Metaverse, multiple blockchains, and the most trusted dApps. Safely experience the true spirit of decentralization with a privacy and security focused approach, and enjoy educational features you won’t find in any other wallet.

User-first design

Navigating the decentralized world is now easier and safer than ever. Tidus Wallet’s simple and comprehensive design provides a robust, multi-chain gateway that traders of all levels will feel comfortable and confident using.

No more confusing layouts, no more buggy interfaces. Just a friendly experience for crypto newcomers with the easy DeFi integration that veteran users will love.

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Full suite of wallet functions...

One wallet to rule them all.

Newbies, HODLers, veteran traders, DeFi farmers, and collectors will find everything they need with Tidus Wallet’s extensive features and functions:

  • Store, swap, send, and receive all supported cryptocurrencies
  • Earn 10% interest by staking with Solana, and take out your earnings at any time
  • Enjoy 1-click access to the most trusted and liquid dApps, or connect to your favorite dApps directly from the app
  • Participate in crypto lending and borrowing
  • Store, track, view, and trade your NFTs and collectibles

Multi-chain. Multi-layer.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple wallets for all of your crypto holdings. Tidus Wallet works on multiple blockchains and layer 2 protocols instantly. With support for the Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum (including all ERC20), and Polygon (Matic) networks, storing and trading the most popular cryptocurrencies is easier than ever.

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